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Subject: Announcers much more brutal than yesteryear
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Subject: Announcers much more brutal than yesteryear
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College football announcers, being much more immature than men their same 
age decades ago, really pile the crap on these teenagers when they make a 

Phrases that state he should have or had to make that play or that pass 
or that stop seem to pop out every 10 minutes or so.  It's like they are 
trying to build drama at the expense of these children's reps.  

It wasn't like that in the past.  Announcers just announced the game and 
didn't delve into the psychological reasons why a player didn't make a 
play or essentially blame a loss on a single player.

It's really become something that I detest when I hear it and I've 
alerted myself to it to such a degree that I hear seemingly every 
instance of it.