From: Thomas R. Kettler <>
Subject: Re: Anonymous ancestry DNA chat
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From: "Thomas R. Kettler" <>
Subject: Re: Anonymous ancestry DNA chat
Date: Tue, 02 Jan 2018 14:55:01 -0500
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 xyzzy<> wrote:

> gf wants to do an Ancestry DNA test. I'm opposed to it because I don't trust 
> the privacy and security of the data.... the terms and conditions give them 
> permission to do basically anything they want with it including sell it (for 
> example in the future they could sell to life insurance companies the ability 
> to know if you're genetically predisposed to a short life, etc).  And even if 
> their terms and conditions were acceptable, if they went bankrupt and their 
> data was sold to the highest bidder... no thanks. 
> So I've decided to get her one for her birthday, but with what I think are 
> the proper security safeguards.  After a significant search I have not found 
> any company or service that offers this anonymously -- most likely because 
> their real jackpot will be in selling the information to others. So here is 
> my plan:
> Rent a mailbox at the UPS store
> Use a Visa gift card to buy the kit under a fake name using a burner email 
> address on the ancestry web site.
> Have the kits and results shipped to that fake name at the UPS store
> Think this will work? My main questions now are: 
> -- What would I use for a billing address on a VISA gift card?  I'm thinking 
> the UPS store address ought to work since gift cards don't have billing 
> addresses. 
> -- Also I assume the UPS store would be cool with me receiving a package for 
> "someone else" at my mailbox since I won't have an ID with the fake name. 
> Note, I'm not looking for ironclad security here, just enough so that neither 
> her nor my name or address show up in any Ancestry database that might later 
> be sold or transferred for reasons I don't like, like to insurance companies.

You should use the name Mr. Ulick Norman Owen to rent the box at the UPS 
Store (I'm curious to see how many will know which novel this name 
Remove blown from email address to reply.