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From: The NOTBCS Guy <don.p.del.grande@gmail.com>
Subject: NOTBCS Cup Standings - end of the Fall sports season
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Subject: NOTBCS Cup Standings - end of the Fall sports season
From: The NOTBCS Guy <don.p.del.grande@gmail.com>
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Since the points for football will go to the SEC (well, unless it turns out that somebody on the
winning team failed a drug test because he needed steroids to heal from an injury faster or
something), here are the NOTBCS Cup standings after the Fall sports:

Pac-12 - 15 (Stanford women's soccer (14); Stanford men's soccer (1))
SEC - 14 (football)
Mountain West - 14 (New Mexico women's cross country)
Big 10 - 13 (Nebraska women's volleyball)
Big Sky - 13 (Northern Arizona men's cross country)
(also, Connecticut won in women's field hockey, and UCLA in men's water polo, but those don't score

Points are simple: the conference (based on men's basketball) that wins a national championship gets
1 point for each SEC school that plays it.  Every school but South Carolina is in men's cross
country, and every school except Vanderbilt is in women's volleyball, so those sports score 13; only
South Carolina has a men's soccer team, so that sport scores 1.  ("Dammit, SC, you had to play men's
soccer, so the Pac-12 could score that extra point...")

No, the SEC does not get a bonus for having the top two teams in football, for two reasons: one, FBS
football is pretty much the only sport where, if you lose the championship game, you're not
necessarily the #2 team; two, the Pac-12 finished one-two in women's volleyball.

In fact, there is some question as to whether or not Alabama and Georgia players can receive "CFP
Championship Game" rings, although technically the schools can give out "(Rose/Sugar) Bowl, oh, and
CFP Championship Game as well" rings.  (The winners can receive "National Championship" rings,
assuming at least one of the two polls vote them as national champions, but what are the chances of
that not happening?)