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Subject: Re: Anonymous ancestry DNA chat
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On Tuesday, January 2, 2018 at 4:19:33 PM UTC-5, J. Hugh Sullivan wrote:
> On Tue, 2 Jan 2018 11:18:44 -0800 (PST), xyzzy<>
> wrote:
> >gf wants to do an Ancestry DNA test. 
> If she is thinking of Ancestry ( the company) I would advise against
> it. They are the most commercial company around. Their ancestry data
> is harvested from anyone and everyone without regard to accuracy. One
> has to be a very accomplished and diligent researcher to use their
> genealogy data. For example Ancestry lists 9 different sets of parents
> for my great, great grandfather and no one can prove who they were.
> I'll bet my data against anyone.
> My YDNA was tested by Family Tree DNA. I can't say they would not sell
> the data under certain conditions but they are somewhat secure. Have
> you looked at Geno - the National Geographic test group?
> What is her purpose? Her DNA is mtDNA and will tell who her mother was
> and her mother's mother ad infinitum. It does not work with male
> genealogy - she needs a CLOSE male relative for that.
> I know my dad and granddad's medical history. But advances in medicine
> have changed my prospects. I don't have the same physical infirmaties
> as my mother who never had surgery until she broke a hip at 83 and
> died.
> You are at the point where a little knowledge is a very dangerous
> thing. And I think you are being overcautious.
> I'm not an expert but, after more than 20 years I probably know more
> than the average bear.
> A guy here a few years ago IS an expert. His name? Ah disremember!

She's not interested in building a detailed family tree.  Just knowing her general heritage (i.e.,
are the family stories that they are German true).  I don't think she needs the level of precision
you are discussing.  I've seen a bunch of reviews that Ancestry is the best choice for this because
they have the most data.