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Subject: Re: New Tax Law Ripple Effect
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Subject: Re: New Tax Law Ripple Effect
From: Irish Ranger <>
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On Tuesday, January 2, 2018 at 7:41:22 PM UTC-5, xyzzy wrote:
> On Tuesday, January 2, 2018 at 5:06:22 PM UTC-5, wrote:
> >
> First sentence:
> "The great American migration out of high-tax states like New York and Illinois may be about to
accelerate. "
> If this is true then the post I made a few weeks earlier has been confirmed by the WSJ (i.e.,
they'll move to low-tax red states but they will stay blue and turn those states blue)
> But I've already seen some proposals to get around this.  One interesting proposal is for these
states to replace their income tax with payroll tax.  The tax bill leaves payroll tax deductible, as
an expense for businesses.

The other option is for these high tax Blue states to start cutting taxes
and stop dumping money into every dimwitted, left wing socialist money pit
they can dream-up.  

For example, California taxpayers spend $25.3 Billion a year on illegal immigrants.
And that's just one example of left wing Blue state stupidity.   What do you think
California workers and small businesses could do with those $Billions?

Irish Mike

I thank God Obama is gone, Hillary is history and President Trump is in office.