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On Tuesday, February 6, 2018 at 11:42:54 AM UTC-6, J. Hugh Sullivan wrote:
> Subject: Fwd: "Understanding Trump - A good read!"
> "Understanding Trump!  Marshall Kamena is a registered Democrat and
> was elected mayor of Livermore, CA.  He ran on the Democratic ticket
> as he knew a Bay Area city would never vote for a Republican.  He is
> as conservative as they come and I am happy to call him a friend.  He
> wrote the following and it is an excellent read: 
> On Trump's Lack of Decorum, Dignity, and Statesmanship. My Leftist
> friends (as well as many ardent #NeverTrumpers) constantly ask me if
> I'm not bothered by Donald Trump's lack of decorum. They ask if I
> don't think his tweets are "beneath the dignity of the office."
> Here's my answer:
> We Right-thinking people have tried dignity.  There could not have
> been a man of more quiet dignity than George W. Bush as he suffered
> the outrageous lies and politically motivated hatreds that undermined
> his presidency. We tried statesmanship. Could there be another human
> being on this earth who so desperately prized "collegiality" as John
> McCain?  We tried propriety - has there been a nicer human being ever
> than Mitt Romney? And the results were always the same. This is
> because, while we were playing by the rules of dignity, collegiality
> and propriety, the Left has been, for the past 60 years, engaged in a
> knife fight where the only rules are those of Saul Alinsky and the
> Chicago mob.  
> I don't find anything "dignified," "collegial" or "proper" about
> Barack Obama's lying about what went down on the streets of Ferguson
> in order to ramp up racial hatreds because racial hatreds serve the
> Democratic Party. I don't see anything "dignified" in lying about the
> deaths of four Americans in Benghazi and imprisoning an innocent
> filmmaker to cover your tracks. I don't see anything "statesman-like"
> in weaponizing the IRS to be used to destroy your political opponents
> and any dissent. Yes, Obama was "articulate" and "polished", but in no
> way was he in the least bit "dignified," "collegial" or "proper."
> The Left has been engaged in a war against America since the rise of
> the Children of the '60s. To them, it has been an all-out war where
> nothing is held sacred and nothing is seen as beyond the pale. It has
> been a war they've fought with violence, the threat of violence,
> demagoguery and lies from day one - the violent take-over of the
> universities - until today. The problem is that, through these years,
> the Left has been the only side fighting this war. While the Left has
> been taking a knife to anyone who stands in their way, the Right has
> continued to act with dignity, collegiality and propriety. With Donald
> Trump, this all has come to an end. Donald Trump is America 's first
> wartime president in the Culture War.
> During wartime, things like "dignity" and "collegiality" simply aren't
> the most essential qualities one looks for in their warriors. Ulysses
> Grant was a drunk whose behavior in peacetime might well have seen him
> drummed out of the Army for conduct unbecoming. Had Abraham Lincoln
> applied the peacetime rules of propriety and booted Grant, the
> Democrats might well still be holding their slaves today. Lincoln
> rightly recognized that, "I cannot spare this man. He fights."
> General George Patton was a vulgar-talking, son-of-a-bitch. In
> peacetime, this might have seen him stripped of rank. But, had
> Franklin Roosevelt applied the normal rules of decorum then, Hitler
> and the Socialists would barely be five decades into their
> thousand-year Reich. Trump is fighting. And what's particularly
> delicious is that, like Patton standing over the battlefield as his
> tanks obliterated Rommel's, he's shouting, "You magnificent bastards,
> I read your book!" That is just the icing on the cake, but it's
> wonderful to see that not only is Trump fighting, he's defeating the
> Left using their own tactics. That book is Saul Alinsky's Rules for
> Radicals - a book so essential to the Liberals' war against America
> that it is and was the playbook for the entire Obama administration
> and the subject of Hillary Clinton's senior thesis. It is a book of
> such pure evil, that, just as the rest of us would dedicate our book
> to those we most love or those to whom we are most indebted, Alinsky
> dedicated his book to Lucifer.  
> Trump's tweets may seem rash and unconsidered but, in reality, he is
> doing exactly what Alinsky suggested his followers do. First, instead
> of going after "the fake media" - and they are so fake that they have
> literally gotten every single significant story of the past 60 years
> not just wrong, but diametrically opposed to the truth, from the Tet
> Offensive to Benghazi, to what really happened on the streets of
> Ferguson, Missouri - Trump isolated CNN. He made it personal.  Then,
> just as Alinsky suggests, he employs ridicule which Alinsky described
> as "the most powerful weapon of all." .. Most importantly, Trump's
> tweets have put CNN in an untenable and unwinnable position. .. They
> need to respond. This leaves them with only two choices. They can
> either "go high" (as Michelle would would say and Hillary
> disingenuously declare of herself and the fake news would
> disingenuously report as the truth) and begin to honestly and
> accurately report the news or they can double-down on their usual
> tactics and hope to defeat Trump with twice their usual hysteria and
> demagoguery. The problem for CNN (et al.) with the former is that, if
> they were to start honestly reporting the news, that would be the end
> of the Democratic Party they serve.  It is nothing but the incessant
> use of fake news (read: propaganda) that keeps the Left alive.
> Imagine, for example, if CNN had honestly and accurately reported
> then-candidate Barack Obama's close ties to foreign terrorists (Rashid
> Khalidi), domestic terrorists (William Ayers), the mafia (Tony Rezko)
> or the true evils of his spiritual mentor, Jeremiah Wright's church.
> Imagine if they had honestly and accurately conveyed the evils of the
> Obama administration's weaponizing of the IRS to be used against their
> political opponents or his running of guns to the Mexican cartels or
> the truth about the murder of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and the
> Obama administration's cover-up.
> So, to my friends on the Left - and the #NeverTrumpers as well - do I
> wish we lived in a time when our president could be "collegial" and
> "dignified" and "proper"? Of course I do. These aren't those times.
> This is war. And it's a war that the Left has been fighting without
> opposition for the past 50 years. So, say anything you want about this
> president - I get it - he can be vulgar, he can be crude, he can be
> undignified at times. I don't care. I can't spare this man. He fights 
> for America! 
> Posted by Hugh

Back at your lying, I see.