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From: Michael Press <rubrum@pacbell.net>
Subject: The problem with being a talking rat
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From: Michael Press <rubrum@pacbell.net>
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Subject: The problem with being a talking rat
Date: Wed, 07 Feb 2018 22:44:11 -0800
Organization: Possum Lodge
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The problem with being a talking rat is now you can
be caught out lying.

| Francis [the talking rat] the talking rat made Juan Barros a
| bishop over the screaming objections of the local church, the
| local bishops. The court had determined that he was essentially
| guilty, but they couldn’t charge him because of the statute of
| limitations. Pope Francis didn’t listen. He doesn’t like being
| told what to do. He doesn’t like getting input from people who
| disagree with him. He’s got very much of a South American
| dictator personality. He’s one of the most autocratic popes in a
| long time.

"Pope Francis denied knowledge of it, but four or five different
witnesses have come forward and said, `This is a letter, written
by the victim himself to the pope, and I gave it to Cardinal
O'Malley of Boston who promised that he hand-delivered it,'
Cardinal O'Malley has said he delivered it. Pope Francis got this
letter from this abuse victim. Either he didn't read it, or he
forgot about because it wasn't interesting enough to him, or he's
lying, or something else. I can't think of another choice. It is
clear Pope Francis was informed about this."


Michael Press