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Subject: Re: $1.1 trillion deficit... discuss
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Subject: Re: $1.1 trillion deficit... discuss
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On Thursday, February 8, 2018 at 8:18:42 AM UTC-6, wrote:
> I know that the Republican dogma is traditionally anti-Keynesian, but that previously didn’t
mean cutting taxes and increasing government spending when the economy is already in danger of
> So now we have a consistent pattern of Democratic Presidents inheriting large deficits and cutting
them dramatically over their terms followed by Republican Presidents immediately blowing those
deficits back up.  
> As a squishy fiscal conservative, this just raises so much cognitive dissonance in me, I would
love to know how others are processing this.

Not well - I'm okayish w/ the tax cuts - esp on the corporate side - but the spending increase bums
me out.

As I've often said - and will continue to - we don't need to "cut" - just freeze spending and let
the economy catch up.