From: J. Hugh Sullivan <>
Subject: Re: $1.1 trillion deficit... discuss
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From: (J. Hugh Sullivan)
Subject: Re: $1.1 trillion deficit... discuss
Date: Thu, 08 Feb 2018 18:11:46 GMT
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On Thu, 8 Feb 2018 08:57:28 -0800 (PST),

>Now I do believe that Republicans held Obama spending more in check. Howeve=
>r, it is very interesting how the deficits wars of the last 6 years have be=
>en abandoned by Republicans in favor of complete fiscal irresponsibility.

Part of that irresponsibility is to pay worthless people for not
working and buying votes for traitorous liberals.

You socialists poke fun at Irish Mike for repeatedly posting liberal
ignorance figures. But it's your only recourse when he is kicking your
asses with it.

It's much like the dishonesty practiced by Professor Dipshit when he
avoids answering my question.


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