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Subject: Re: Patty Hearst Trivia Question
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From: (J. Hugh Sullivan)
Subject: Re: Patty Hearst Trivia Question
Date: Thu, 08 Feb 2018 20:08:14 GMT
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On Thu, 8 Feb 2018 09:59:14 -0800 (PST), Futbol Phan<> wrote:

>So Patty Hearst served 22 months in prison and had the remaining 8 months o=
>f her sentence commuted by Jimmy Carter.  Reagan reportedly considered a pr=
>esidential pardon but decided against it.  In 2000, Patty wrote a formal re=
>quest for a presidential pardon from Clinton.  The US attorney in Californi=
>a strongly objected, writing, "I strongly oppose the pardon application fil=
>ed by Patricia Hearst. The attitude of Hearst has always been that she is a=
> person above the law and that, based on her wealth and social position, sh=
>e is not accountable for her conduct, despite the jury's verdict." 
>Name that US attorney

Your father.


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