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Subject: Re: OFA
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From: Michael Press <>
Subject: Re: OFA
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In article<>, (J. Hugh Sullivan) wrote:

> By Charles Krauthammer
> "I do not understand how living in a country with its democracy
> established over 200 years ago, and now, for the first time in
> history, suddenly we have one of our former presidents set up a group
> called "Organizing for Action" (OFA).
> OFA is 30,000+ strong and working to disrupt everything that our
> current president's administration is trying to do. This organization
> goes against our Democracy, and it is an operation that will destroy
> our way of governing. It goes against our Constitution, our laws, and
> the processes established over 200 years ago. If it is allowed to
> proceed then we will be living in chaos very much like third world
> countries are run. What good is it to have an established government
> if it is not going to be respected and allowed to follow our laws?
> If you had an army some 30,000 strong and a court system stacked over
> the decades with judges who would allow you to break the laws, how
> much damage could you do to a country? We are about to find out in
> America!
> Our ex-president said he was going to stay involved through community
> organizing and speak out on the issues and that appears to be one
> post-administration promise he intends to keep. He has moved many of
> his administration's top dogs over to Organizing for Action.
> OFA is behind the strategic and tactical implementation of the
> resistance to the Trump Administration that we are seeing across
> America, and politically active courts are providing the leverage for
> this revolution.
> OFA is dedicated to organizing communities for "progressive" change.
> Its issues are gun control, socialist healthcare, abortion, sexual
> equality, climate change, and of course, immigration reform.
> OFA members were propped up by the ex-president's message from the
> shadows: "Organizing is the building block of everything great we have
> accomplished Organizers around the country are fighting for change in
> their communities and OFA is one of the groups on the front lines.
> Commit to this work in 2017 and beyond."
> OFA's website says it obtained its "digital" assets from the
> ex-president's re-election effort and that he inspired the movement.
> In short, it is the shadow government organization aimed at resisting
> and tearing down the Constitutional Republic we know as AMERICA.
> Paul Sperry, writing for the New York Post, says, "The OFA will fight
> President Donald Trump at every turn of his presidency and the
> ex-president will command them from a bunker less than two miles from
> the White House."
> Sperry writes that, "The ex-president is setting up a shadow
> government to sabotage the Trump administration through a network of
> non-profits led by OFA, which is growing its war chest (more than $40
> million) and has some 250 offices nationwide. The OFA IRS filings,
> according to Sperry, indicate that the OFA has 32,525 (and growing)
> volunteers nationwide. The ex-president and his wife will oversee the
> operation from their home/ office in Washington DC.
> Think about how this works.. For example: Trump issues an immigration
> executive order; the OFA signals for protests and statements from
> pro-immigrant groups; the ACLU lawyers file lawsuits in jurisdictions
> where activist judges obstruct the laws; volunteers are called to
> protest at airports and Congressional town hall meetings; the leftist
> media springs to action in support of these activities; the twitter
> sphere lights up with social media; and violence follows. All of this
> happens from the ex-president's signal that he is heartened by the
> protests.
> If Barack Obama did not do enough to destroy this country in the 8
> years he was in office, it appears his future plans are to destroy the
> foundation on which this country has operated on for the last 241
> years.
> If this does not scare you, then we are in worse trouble than you
> know.
> So, do your part. You have read it, so at least pass this on so others
> will know what we are up against. We are losing our country and we are
> so compliant. We are becoming a "PERFECT TARGET" for our enemy!"
> Charles Krauthammer

Charles Krauthammer loves the sound of his own voice.

Michael Press