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Date: Thu, 08 Feb 2018 18:54:00 +1200
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>you turn around a program by getting better players.  If Nebraska can start to
>get better players, they will start to get better.  I don't anticipate them
>ever being competitive(consistently) with the teams that consistently recruit
>in the top 5 and 10,
>but even with their recruiting levels currently there isn't any reason they
>shouldn't be as good as freaking Wisconsin.

Yes, I think they should be able to compete, for recruits and on the field,
with a lot of teams that they've not been competitive with.  Most of the
schools that jumped conferences about the same time they did were doing so
in order to expand their recruiting into other parts of the country (or, a
conference was trying to do so by bringing them on).

Long term, I don't know that this has worked well for many teams that did
it... Nebraska, Missouri, aTm, WVa.  Seems like only schools that have really
moved "up," conference-wise, have benefited much.

I am also sure I am missing some glaring exception, but it must not be
glaring enough for me to notice at the moment.  :)

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