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Subject: Re: Actress Emma Watson puts "Times Up" on her arm
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From: CtrlAltDel <>
Subject: Re: Actress Emma Watson puts "Times Up" on her arm
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On Mon, 05 Mar 2018 13:32:29 -0800, Michael Press wrote:

> Actress Emma Watson has a tatoo on her arm reading
>                      Times Up

This is like the most liberal, woke, strong thing that a woman can do to 
exert her dominance over males. It is to garner attention and let 
everyone know that she is aware of things. She is aware of things like 
nasty 50 something year old men fucking teen starlets for movie roles, 
for decades and decades like every other "movie star" in the universe 
did, and just will not stand for it.

Not any longer, anyway. It's time to stop letting Weinstains fuck holes 
in girls just because he is a superstar and these actresses are on it, 
bro.  They aren't going to accept and encourage it any longer and will 
not be WeinSTain groupies for any other old men who regularly plow girls 
who get huge paychecks for keeping their whore mouths shut.