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Subject: Re: Democrat's: stupid, misguided and insane for political power
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Subject: Re: Democrats: stupid, misguided and insane for political power
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On Tuesday, March 6, 2018 at 4:47:07 PM UTC-6, Irish Ranger wrote:
> Democrats: stupid, misguided 

Totally agree but for completely different reasons than your misguided, inane post.

Any party who would run Hillary Clinton for POTUS over Bernie Sanders gets exactly what it deserves
-- a man-baby, narcissist as president, the loss of a SCOTUS justice, and so much dysfunction at the
White House, I have no idea who is left there to get the job of government done; nearly everyone has

If the Dems run establishment, middle-of-the-road candidates (like Hillary Clinton) for POTUS in
2020, I'm going to write-in my presidential vote for 2024 going forward.