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From: michael anderson <mianderson79@gmail.com>
Subject: how does this loser keep getting paid well to coach basketball?
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Subject: how does this loser keep getting paid well to coach basketball?
From: michael anderson <mianderson79@gmail.com>
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Nice start to his career, but then bombed at Kentucky.  Won a title the first year with all Pitino's
players....and then he STOPPED RECRUITING.  At Kentucky.  Kentucky.  No final fours in TEN SEASONS
after the first season with pitino's players.  At Kentucky.  Unacceptable.  

He toils in mediocrity at Minnesota for awhile(despite being paid a fortune), and then when they are
tired of paying him like an elite coach for mediocre results gets fired.  Rightly so.

Then he goes on to texas tech for a bit.  made one ncaa tourney appearance in 3 years in an entirely
forgettable tenure there before leaving to Memphis.

Now at Memphis he has done absolutely nothing and momentum for the program is going backwards.  And
he is about to be fired there.  And rightfully so.  After coming on basically every single one of
Memphis' players said "rsfck this, I'm not playing for that guy" and bailed the program for other
places.  He again cant land any decent recruits.  

I mean at some point you have to say "hey, his decent success at Tulsa and Georgia was decades ago".
 Over the last 2+ decades he is proven that he is a guy who will inherit your program and take it in
a negative direction.  attendance will crater.  Interest will crater.  He won't attract many top

I mean at some point these mediocre programs that continue to insist on paying him 3+ million per
year to suck will wise up right?