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Subject: Re: Trump forces North Korea to the negotiating table
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From: CtrlAltDel <>
Subject: Re: Trump forces North Korea to the negotiating table
Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2018 02:16:01 +0000 (UTC)
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On Wed, 07 Mar 2018 15:06:14 -0800, Eric Ramon wrote:

> On Wednesday, March 7, 2018 at 2:49:01 PM UTC-8, Irish Ranger wrote:
>> President Trump's tough sanctions, pressure on China and hardline
>> rhetoric brought North Korea to the negotiating table.    Kim Un
>> realized that  President Trump is not some "lead from behind"
>> wimp like Obama, who drew a red line in the sand in Syria and then
>> backed down.
>> Trump is the guy who hit Syria with 50+ Tomahawk missles when  they
>> used chemical weapons and pounded ISIS to bits in his first year in
>> office.  He is also the guy who slapped North Korea with the toughest
>> sanctions they have ever felt.
>> Now Trump, and every one in the Intelligence community, knows North
>> Korea can't be trusted to keep their word any more than Iran can be
>> trusted.  The difference is, President Trump will keep the pressure on
>> North Korea while Obama made an idiotic deal with Iran and gave them
>> $150 billion dollars to fund terrorism while they chant "Death to
>> America"!
>> Irish Mike
> ' A White House official had to clear the air on Monday after President
> Trump confused North and South Korea in an astounding blunder that left
> foreign policy experts scratching their heads.
> While Trump cracked a few jokes during his speech at the Gridiron Club
> on Saturday night, he turned serious when he mentioned North Korea and
> said, “It was headed for disaster and now we’re talking. And they, by
> the way, called up a couple of days ago and said, ‘We would like to
> talk.’”
> “And I said, ‘So would we, but you have to denuke,’” according to
> Trump.'
> so.....uh.....
> "President Trump claims North Korea called him — but it was really South
> Korea"

48 states, like is real, or 57 states like Obama tried to teach people.  
It doesn't really matter, dude.