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Subject: Re: So I could get a call from wells fargo.....
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Subject: Re: So I could get a call from wells fargo.....
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On 2018-03-08, Eric Ramon<> wrote:
> On Thursday, March 8, 2018 at 10:00:46 AM UTC-8, michael anderson wrote:
>> my mortgage has gone up.
>> wtf?  
>> I owe like 27 dollars more every month now.
>> I say how does a mortgage go up?  I have a fixed rate.
>> She says the escrow has gone up.  She says the county(Jefferson co) has raised property tax.  
>> I say thats bullshit....she says at least you can deduct the increase on your taxes next year.  I
say no I can't because trump's most recent tax increase prevents me from doing that.  She says I'm
sorry but the change for the county property tax is all explained in the letter.  
>> Which gave me an idea- any property tax increase should be voted on ONLY by those who actually
own property.  
>> Jefferson county is democratic leaning, but the small communities in jefferson county where
people actually own property with any value(Homewood, Vestavia, Mountain Brook) is republican.  Why
in the world should jefferson county democrats, who either don't own property or own negligible
amounts of property, get to tell the people who actually own the property what tax they should pay
on their property?
>> Of course they are just going to just raise property taxes....
> our property taxes have nearly tripled since we "bought" our house (still paying it off). On the
other hand, property values are now 8 or 9 times what they were. 
> Anyway, your mortgage is the same. How's your insurance? Is that going up a little, too?

If they are escrowing your taxes/insurance, of course the payment is going to vary.
Mia, how did you get through med school?

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