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Subject: Re: rsfc gun survey.....
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On 2018-03-08, michael anderson<> wrote:
> curious to see where rsfcers fall in terms of guns.  Lets go with guns in your house(so even if
they are your wifes gun lets count it)...
> 1-5?
> 6-10?
> 10-20?
> 20-40?
> 40-80?
> 80+
> I only have 7 guns currently, which i suspect puts me well behind most.  I know plenty of people
with > 50 though.....

You left out the zero category, which is where I am at. I have a
"Marksman" medal at Sharpshooter/S level from the Navy, on the Service
Rifle, but have never owned a gun. (Qualified on Service Pistol, but only got a 170
score on that.) Now that my eyesight is shot, I doubt I could hit
anything -- haven't fired a gun for 40 years.

So I don't have a gun, but I am glad so many of my neighbors have them here
in Florida. Keeps the riff-raff out of condos.

Experience is what allows you to recognize a mistake the second time you
make it. -- unknown