From: Michael Press <>
Subject: Re: Toolin Down the Interstate
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From: Michael Press <>
Subject: Re: Toolin Down the Interstate
Date: Thu, 08 Mar 2018 14:12:59 -0800
Organization: Possum Lodge
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 ""<> wrote:

> The Doobie Brothers absolutely belong. 
> But the RR is a farce for many more reasons. 

Inaugural class does not include Link Wray.
Been a farce ever since.

Elvis Presley (inducted by Julian + Sean Lennon)
Buddy Holly (inducted by John Fogerty)
The Everly Brothers (inducted by Neil Young)
Jerry Lee Lewis (inducted by Hank Williams Jr.)
Chuck Berry (inducted by Keith Richards)
James Brown (inducted by Steve Winwood)
Ray Charles (inducted by Quincy Jones)
Sam Cooke (inducted by Herp Albert)
Fats Domino (inducted by Billy Joel)
Little Richards (inducted by Roberta Flack
Sam Phillips
Alan Freed

Michael Press