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From: irishranger317 <irishranger317@gmail.com>
Subject: A little joke to end the year
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Subject: A little joke to end the year
From: irishranger317@gmail.com
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On vacation in Europe Bob noticed a marble column in a church in Rome
with a golden telephone on it.  As a young Priest passed by, Bob asked who
the telephone was for.  The Priest told him it was a direct line to heaven,
and if he’d like to make a call it would be a thousand dollars.  Bob was amazed but 
declined the offer.

Throughout Europe Bob kept seeing the same golden phone on a marble column.  
At each he asked about it and the answer was always the same;
a direct line to heaven and he could call for a thousand dollars.

Bob finished his tour of Europe with a stop in Ireland.  He decided to attend
Mass at a local village church.  When he walked in the door he noticed a
golden telephone on a column and there was sign saying;

                “DIRECT LINE TO HEAVEN – 25 CENTS”

“Father” he said, “I’ve been all over Europe and in all the churches
I saw there were telephones exactly like this one, but the price to make a call was 
always a thousand dollars”.   “Why is this one only 25 cents”?
The Priest smiled and said, “Lad, you’re in Ireland now.  It’s a local call”.

Irish Mike

Athbhliain faoi mhaise daoibh

(Happy New Year) 

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Cardinal Law Called Back to Hell


There's your joke.