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From: Toymakers <emailus@noemail.com>
Subject: Jim Harbaugh is a big loser on national signing day
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From: Toymakers <emailus@noemail.com>
Subject: Jim Harbaugh is a big loser on national signing day
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Not only is the honeymoon over at Michigan for Jim Harbaugh, the 
marriage could be veering toward 

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From: unclejr <watsona64@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: Jim Harbaugh is a big loser on national signing day
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Subject: Re: Jim Harbaugh is a big loser on national signing day
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On Thursday, February 8, 2018 at 3:04:23 PM UTC-6, Toymakers wrote:
> Not only is the honeymoon over at Michigan for Jim Harbaugh, the 
> marriage could be veering toward “we should meet with a 
> counselor” territory.
> Harbaugh’s tenure at his alma mater has not been as successful 
> as most pundits predicted and fans expected. What’s worse, it is 
> starting to look eerily familiar.
> That familiarity got worse Wednesday, when several other college 
> programs closed the 2018 recruiting cycle stronger than the 
> Wolverines, and Michigan dropped to No. 21 in the 247sports 
> composite rankings on national signing day. Harbaugh’s four 
> recruiting classes have now been ranked 37th, eighth, fifth and 
> 21st by the 247sports composite.
> His predecessor, Brady Hoke, followed the exact same pattern: a 
> sluggish start after the coaching change (30th in 2011), 
> followed by two big years (sixth and fourth), followed by a big 
> fade (20th in 2014). The Wolverines also faded on the field, 
> dropping to 5-7 in Hoke’s fourth year. He did not get a fifth.
> Harbaugh’s on-field results also have been similar to Hoke’s. 
> The Wolverines slipped from back-to-back 10-3 seasons to 8-5 in 
> 2017. Harbaugh has won two more games than Hoke did through 
> three seasons, but Hoke also finished higher than third in his 
> division — twice, in fact.
> Nothing causes consternation in a college football fan base like 
> losing to rivals and poor recruiting rankings. Harbaugh is 0-3 
> on the field against Ohio State (and 1-2 against Michigan 
> State), and Urban Meyer continues to rule the recruiting trail.
> The Buckeyes have a higher-ranked class than the Wolverines for 
> the eighth straight cycle, and the gap might be getting wider. 
> Ohio State has finished seventh, fourth, second and second in 
> the 247composite rankings during Harbaugh’s four seasons. The 
> Buckeyes are clearly in the nation’s top recruiting tier, a 
> place reserved only for them, Alabama, Georgia and maybe 
> Clemson. The Wolverines have been a second-tier program the 
> previous two seasons, but fell a couple of notches below that 
> for 2018.
> What’s worse — Penn State might be passing Michigan as Ohio 
> State’s biggest threat. The Nittany Lions have won the Big Ten 
> and won a New Year’s Six bowl game in the past two seasons. Now, 
> they just landed the No. 4-ranked class in the nation, just 
> behind the Buckeyes in the battle for Big Ten supremacy.
> James Franklin’s club has an average finish of 13.25 in the past 
> four recruiting cycles. Michigan’s average in that span is 
> 17.75, and it’s still 13.0 if Harbaugh gets a break for the 
> first year, when he had limited time to cobble together a class. 
> Michigan fans do not expect to see Penn State on equal footing, 
> let alone clearly having more momentum moving forward.
> The 2018 season was always going to be big for Harbaugh. After 
> having one of the youngest teams in the nation in 2017, this was 
> supposed to be the year he delivers in Ann Arbor.
> The ride to this point has gotten bumpier than expected, though. 
> Harbaugh has climbed trees and held sleepovers and taken his 
> team all over the globe, but if he doesn’t win more games, beat 
> some rivals and recruit better players, his time as coach might 
> not last longer than Hoke’s.
> https://nypost.com/2018/02/07/jim-harbaugh-is-a-big-loser-on-
> national-signing-day/

Thanks, Bro.